NFT Collection by DAO CHARITY


With the help of modern blockchain technologies, NFT Charity will tell the world the stories of the participants in what is happening in Ukraine, tell about the heroes who have become a symbol of freedom.


What are we doing?

Now NFT Charity is in development. Its central image will be the Warrior of Freedom, the embodiment of all the heroes fighting for the life and freedom of Ukraine.

We want our NFT collection to be accessible and understandable to everyone. Therefore, every day on our telegram channel there is a theory about NFT, news of the collection, stories that will form its basis.

To be among the first to receive the NFT collection, make a voluntary donation now. This will allow you to get into the White List, whose members will be the first to know about the start of sales. All proceeds from the sale of NFT Charity will be used to help the people and soldiers of Ukraine.

You can make a donation to the DAO Charity public wallet in BTC, ETH, USDT.

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