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Our Delivery of $18k in Military Essentials

As the Russian invasion drags on, DAO Charity continues to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine in every way possible. Our most recent delivery went to the fighters of the 46th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade. They are now using ten Realme Pad RMP2103 tablets and ten Thuraya XT Lite satellite phones. This vital equipment was purchased with $18,000 of your generous donations. 

These satellite phones are crucial communication tools that can’t be jammed by electronic warfare systems, and allow our military to transmit vital information while navigating the battlefield. 

Meanwhile, the tablets allow soldiers to calculate and transmit the coordinates of invading forces. This is particularly crucial for gunners who depend on detailed accuracy to successfully target while reducing collateral damage. 

Thanks to everyone for your donations! Your help is saving lives across Ukraine. And we need your ongoing support now more than ever. Donate today to DAO Charity to bring this war to end.

Our Delivery of $18k in Military Essentials(Title)
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