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We are collecting $100,000 for 10 pickups for the Armed Forces

DAO Charity recently delivered a car to the frontline soldiers of the 81st brigade of amphibious assault troops. This is the famous brigade that raised the Ukrainian flag over the liberated Lyman.

Talking with various units of the Armed Forces, we understood their urgent and ongoing need for SUVs. They help soldiers remain mobile, carry out combat missions, and evacuate the wounded. Most importantly, they save the lives of heroes on the battlefield and this is our greatest priority. That is why DAO Charity is launching a collection of $100,000 for ten pickups for the Armed Forces.

Why every car costs $10,000

  • We buy pickup trucks in the UK, where we get the best value. Tracking down, buying, and transporting these costs around $6,000.
  • After testing the car, we replace all fluids, replenish consumables, strengthen the suspension for reliability, and install high-quality off-road rubber. That's about $4,000.
  • When there is a special request from the unit, we install additional sheets of armour. This is another $1,000-2,000.

And you can help! Each contribution is important. This war has proven that even small donations can create huge collections. 

To thank our donors, we’ve created a few little treats: 

Anyone who donates $100+ can send wishes to the military or leave their social media nickname on the car. Just send us the code of your transaction on Instagram and let us know what you’d like us to do. 

Donating $5000 or more? We will send you a flag autographed by the soldiers of the unit that will drive the car. We will put your logo or nickname on the door or fender and send you pics of the car on the frontline. We will also whitelist you for the mint of the first NFT collection.

Ready to make a real difference? Donations of more than $10,000 will get you an unforgettable shoutout. You’ll get the flag, logo placement, photos, NFT collection whitelisting, AND the opportunity to choose the car and participate in a pickup race from the UK to Ukraine! We’ll also send you a souvenir from the battlefield.

If you are ready to make a large-scale donation, DM us and learn more. 

Become a part of Ukraine's victory! Let’s end the evil that is hanging over the whole world. Donate and make the world a better palace.

We are collecting $100,000 for 10 pickups for the Armed Forces(Title)
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