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The Ukrainian flag is a symbol of courage

Who stopped tanks with their hands? Who jumped on an armoured Russian vehicle and handed the soldiers inside flower seeds to plant? 

The Ukrainians, of course! And the world has fallen in love with us for our courage. Our yellow and blue flags now fly in every corner of the world as a symbol of freedom and courage.

The history of the flag of Ukraine stretches back hundreds of years. While times have changed, one thing has stayed the same: there’s always someone trying to destroy our blue and yellow, and the people who stand beside it. But, each and every time, they fail. They step into our home and self-destruct. 

Want to learn a bit of history about this flag you’ve been seeing everywhere?

Lviv is the capital of trends

It was here in 1256 that we first saw these magical colours together. Lviv had a yellow lion on a blue background as their city coat of arms. In 1848, the flag of the Russian parliament became blue and yellow. 

Hanging a Ukrainian flag used to be a crime

Back in Soviet times, anyone with a Ukrainian flag at home was sentenced to two years in prison.   

Third times a charm

Ukraine has declared statehood three times under the same flag in 1917, 1941 and 1990.

242 days

That’s how long our tireless soldiers fought under the Ukrainian flag to protect the Donetsk airport. Since then, they have become true national heroes that we call “cyborgs” in honour of their superhuman abilities. Our flag will soon fly again over Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Simferopol and all other Ukrainian cities. 

Want to help us raise the flag over every city in Ukraine? Protect our brave defenders by donating to DAO Charity. 

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