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Television presenter Gena Viter joins DAO Charity

On DAO Charity's continued mission to help people living in destroyed villages around Ukraine, we've been traveling the Kyiv region. During our latest trip, we were thrilled to be joined by television presenter Gena Viter. Through the villages of Mikhailovka, Zalesye, and Grebelki, we worked together to deliver 165 food packages to Ukrainian families in need. 

As we met with the families living in these badly affected areas, Gena told us how much he admires these people who have been through so much. He couldn't get over their resiliency and faith in a brighter future. Even after surviving the occupation, he could see the hope in their eyes. 

We were all particularly moved by the story of one man. His home had been taken from him and turned into a Russian army headquarters. The occupying forces were using his living room to plan the murder of his neighbors and the destruction of his village. When the house was finally burnt to the ground, he felt nothing but relief. Seeing the destruction of their headquarters was worth it even if it meant losing his home. 

After seeing it all first-hand, Gena wanted to remind the world of how much these people have lost. With their homes and livelihoods gone, Ukraine needs your help daily. 

Finding a way to support Ukraine can't just be a passing trend. We need daily acts of kindness to survive. Every cent you can spare helps. The price of a dinner in a nice restaurant could feed a family for a month here.

Want to help families in Ukraine? Donate today and save a life. Have extra time? Volunteer to help Ukrainian families and support the Ukraine armed forces.


Television presenter Gena Viter joins DAO Charity(Title)
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