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Happy Independence Day!

The world thought we would lose this war in a matter of days. The most optimistic forecasts said we might last for a few weeks. Six months have passed now and we are standing on our own land. Free, strong, independent.

Our brave soldiers defend the country 24/7, liberating towns and villages from occupation every single day. Volunteers are risking their lives to deliver essential equipment to the front line and help the victims of the war. While it’s a daily battle, we all strive to find the strength to enjoy life. We believe that a smile can help you overcome anything. 

Ukrainians have united for the sake of victory, and the whole world has united around us. DAO Charity is grateful to everyone who makes a contribution. Thanks to you, we can help those who are truly depending on the world right now. So, let’s keep bringing victory closer! Join us today. 

Our victory is coming soon. 

Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day!(Title)
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