Defenders of the Estuary received a pickup truck from DAO Charity - DAO Charity
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Defenders of the Estuary received a pickup truck from DAO Charity

The video of the flag raising over Lyman, Donetsk went viral all over the world. From a strategic point of view, this area is important for our fighters. The Russian invaders once again felt the fury of the Ukrainian army and carried out the traditional "negative offensive."

Inspired by the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we searched for the unit that raised the blue and yellow flag over the city and found the 81st brigade of airborne assault troops. It turned out that our heroes desperately needed a pickup truck, so DAO Charity quickly went to work. 

In just a few days, this truck was driven 2,500 km from Great Britain to our headquarters. On arrival, we fixed the suspension, painted the car, and repaired the engine. Everything was done efficiently and quickly, and the car was literally in and out within three days. The total cost was about $9,000.

From there, we travel across 1,300 km of roads through Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, and Izyum. We saw destroyed cities and infrastructure, mined roads, and dozens of units of destroyed equipment. After seeing everything with your own eyes, you understand that the Ukrainian people are invincible, and our military are true heroes. 

We were met with a warm welcome and left knowing that the vehicle will help to perform troops work more effectively --- as we saw with the footage of our "Dragon" near the trophy BMP! 

Off-road vehicles are indispensable frontline transport. That is why DAO Charity has started a crypto collection for ten pickups for the Armed Forces. Of course, the cost of buying and transporting vehicles isn’t small. We’re talking $100,000.

But our people have proven more than once that nothing is impossible for Ukraine, right? 

You can find more about the collection and details for donations here

Defenders of the Estuary received a pickup truck from DAO Charity(Title)
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