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DAO Charity delivered Starlink to our defenders

We are still working tirelessly to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Delivering an SUV to the Lyman defenders, we covered hundreds of kilometres of the frontline to continue our support.

DAO Charity also delivered more than $2,000 worth of equipment to engineering and sapper troops. Specifically, a Starlink terminal, probes, 200m of paracord, gloves, nippers, folding shovels, and other requested pieces.

We saw Kharkiv, Chuguiv, Izyum, Slovyansk, and Kramatorsk with our own eyes and understood the true horrors brought by the Russian invasion. The confidence and professionalism of the Armed Forces, however, kept us inspired that we are on the path to victory. 

DAO Charity is now collecting donations to buy ten pickups for the army. The cost is a whopping $100,000, but we can handle it, right? Join the fight and together we will help the Armed Forces stop the occupiers!


DAO Charity delivered Starlink to our defenders(Title)
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