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25 Tablets Delivered to Children in Moshun Village

After the springtime liberation from the Russian invaders, the village of Moshun in the Kyiv region was left with 85% of its homes destroyed and many beyond repair. This is how we found the village on our first trip there. 

Today, local residents are still unable to recover from the horrors of the war. But it is impossible to break Ukrainians! People are determined to stay and rebuild their lives and homes. 

While their children have already started the school year, the schoolhouse remains completely destroyed. That’s why DAO Charity has partnered with Sunrise Foundation to visit Moshun and help little Ukrainians. We gave the kids 25 tablets (worth $3,000) to help them study remotely. 

The people of this village really inspired us. Despite all the difficulties, children still want to learn. So, let’s keep helping them! 

Schoolchildren from Moshun still need another 25 more tablets. Let’s help them together. Make a donation to DAO Charity and give children the opportunity to get an education. Can't help financially? Tell your friends about us — together we can save Moshun and beyond.


25 Tablets Delivered to Children in Moshun Village(Title)
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